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aug 6, 2023

i am enjoying taking part in making a fanzine for the first time! and I am working my job. lately i have enjoyed spending more time outside and i have also had some mild bouts of bad health, injuries or a cold and so i have done a lot of fun reading and watching tv shows i have wanted to see. i like Data from star trek and I liked How It Feels For a Girl by Paris Lees and i busted up my toes and elbows at the creek cleanup where i watched a huge spider swim like a human.

Today, my best friend moved to town (this sounds like Animal Crossing but it's true). I can't believe she lives so close by now! I had a great time catching up with her today. I'm glad things seem to be going well in her life.

june 10, 2023

i made an animated illustration. based off of a strange looking duo that i keep doodling, placed into the window nook in my apartment. you can see it HERE ( It could use more details and clutter I think. I put in a couple albums I like and plants that live with me. but I have to go to my job now! See you! Bye bye...

may 29, 2023

my grandmother died yesterday. I saw the first firefly of the year.

may 26, 2023

I am submitting an application to join a zine. Pretty longshot because I do not have a portfolio of illustrations, more animation and a whole lot of bizarre sketches. Right now, as I am combing my files, and in general lately as I have looked over my old art, I feel like I really love the things that I make and I want to tie things down into another finished project SOON! I spoke to a friend who makes comics and said, "let's have a comics challenge and exchange what we make at the end of June" and she said Yes! but then asked me for a theme... oh my... I really need to pick one.

Maybe it sounds too smug to say I love the things that I draw sometimes but I make a lot of bad art and then... then I make things like this... this astonishing fanart i made three years ago of Janeway (ultimate evolution) from star trek: voyager:

may 18, 2023

Test gif. Speaking of tests, it looks like I am covid free but still have a cold virus. Since I resting more I am sick, I watched movies: Running on Karma, American Psycho, Charlie's Angels, all for the first time. I have been feeling very shy lately but I have also been having a nice time with myself. Talking to friends and family, I have been hearing good news updates, so that makes me happy.

may 16, 2023

Hi hi... I am starting a little blog here. This blog theme is by cinni. I like Steel Ball Run so I am using the theme as is for now! Thanks Cinni! : )

I will have more in-person work this weekend and I have a fair bit of free time during this week. I had cramps and a cold so I have taken medicine and rested extra and I am recovering well as a result. I am still making progress on an animation of 2 made-up characters. The setting is based off of my apartment because I wanted to see these non-human beings in my home space and to practice interiors. Anyway, I will put that on this website and beyond pretty soon, after I add a little movement and tweak the light.

I added some details from music that I like into the illustration. That reminds me, I will add a music player to this blog with some of my favorite songs at the moment. OK, back to the drawing, bye bye for now! Blogging has been fun!

welcome to blog

This is the start of the blog! From here on, I will post updates to here when I feel like writing. What a good spot to put down my thoughts! It's nice of you to visit!